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    You play by the rules. Your list is confirmed Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List opt-in. You have spent time writing a compelling message and an inspiring call to action. Your graphic designers have designed a stunning custom email. You then send the email to your list but find that deliverability rates are lower than you planned. This is mostly because none of your recipients at a major Internet Service Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List Provider received your email. This is a disappointing outcome to say the least, and you decide to look into the matter further in order to avoid low email delivery rates Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List in the future. Why did this ISP block your emails You learn that the ISP has blacklisted the IP address that you share with numerous other customers of your Email Service Another email marketing customer sharing your IP address sent out an email

    You may be surprised to learn that most ESP's have a very small pool of IP Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List addresses that nearly all of their customers share. Their large customers, however, do get a private IP address. Small businesses and non-profits typically have to share an IP or pay extra for a private one. Consider requesting a private IP address Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List from your current ESP or even switching to an ESP that offers a private IP as a standard feature. Alternatively, if your deliverability numbers are consistently high, it probably means that your ESP is already offering private Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List IP addresses or they are doing a good job of managing relationships with the major ISP's.

    If they offer mostly shared IP addresses, good Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List delivery rates mean they are doing a good job of insuring CAN SPAM compliance in their customers and-when your shared IP address blacklisting happens-they are able to get it removed relatively quickly. This is Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List where good relationships with the ISP's is important. The big difference is that you do not share your cell phone number Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List with a large group of people. You have a unique cell phone number through which people can reliably reach you and only you. They know it is you calling, and not some prank caller who happens to share your phone number.