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    If you have a brick and mortar location Hong Kong Phone Number List create a business card drop program in any area of your location that has traffic. This could be your sales counter or checkout. Create a small incentive or contest in exchange for someone adding their business card into the drop box. A great simple contest is for a restaurant to give a way a Free Lunch Once a month. Hong Kong Phone Number List Once someone has dropped their business card in the box you can add them to your email list and then email them all to announce the winner. Sales Presentations Ensure that your sales reps get in the habit of requesting an email from Hong Kong Phone Number List every prospect that they give a sales presentation to.

    This is a very easy way to add prospect's to your Hong Kong Phone Number List. Your sales reps should also be sending a personalized message to each prospect immediately after the presentation to thank the prospect and see how they can educate them more about your services and products. Trade Shows & Events Hong Kong Phone Number List This is a golden opportunity to grow your email list quickly yet we see exhibitors at Trade Shows and Events with no plan to acquire attendees contact info, they walk away from the Trade Show or event feeling energized but have Hong Kong Phone Number List no way to follow up with all the people they were exposed to.

    Try running a contest or giveaway at your booth.

    Hong Kong Phone Number List In exchange for dropping their business card or completing a ballot with an email address the visitor will be entered into a draw to win. You can also check with the Trade Show organizers if a list of attendees is available to purchase. This way you can capture all attendees Hong Kong Phone Number List emails and do some pre show marketing to them. We would still recommend capturing the information of individual visitors to your booth rather than relying on a complete attendee list. Hong Kong Phone Number List You should have two different follow up email campaigns for people Hong Kong Phone Number List who attended the show that you did not see and those that you did meet.